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Traditional tattoo: five questions to Viajeroflo

Florian, aka Viajeroflo, tattoo artist, travels the World and gets his inspiration from the traditional tattoos he encounters. Combining ancient ...
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Traditional Ornaments: five questions to Matilde Borriero

Matilde Borriero, aka Matt_Rand0ms, is a multidisciplinary artist from Arco, Italy. She practises modern tattooing, traditional handpoke, and is also experimenting other body modification techniques. We met Matilde online when we started Aswad, and we were mermerized by her focus ...
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Building bridges : traditional symbolism with Ghazal Jafari

Ghazal Jafari is a talented hanpoke artist based in The Netherlands. Talisman creator ♡ Specialized in blackwork tattoos ♡ Combining ...
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The Art of Amazigh Tattooing in Tunisia

In 2016, Myriam Bou-saha and the German/French channel Arte, went on a trip to meet a young tunisian tattoo artist: ...
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Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas

Loretta’s book “Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas”, illustrates her journey exploring, with her husband Felix Leu, the fading tattoo ...
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