Florian, aka Viajeroflo, tattoo artist, travels the World and gets his inspiration from the traditional tattoos he encounters. Combining ancient Amazigh tattoo symbols with other influences like mandalas, sacred geometry and ornemental designs makes Florian’s work very interesting.

When did you start tattooing, what was your background and what are the reason behind this choice ?

I started a bit less than 2 years ago, I bought my machine when I was living in Martinique Island, just trying on myself and I did the first one on a friend in Paris. I wanted to tattoo for a very long time, it was inside of me. It’s hard to describe but the passion was strong…and it’s growing everyday more.

  You are developing your Amazigh inspired style in tattooing, how do you work on your compositions ?
I try since the beginning to not copy others. I started making composition inspired by ancient amazigh tattoo’s pictures, then I made researches about the symbols and theirs significations, then I created my own compositions between real symbols and pure ornaments. I didn’t create the style, just try to put in it my own touch. 

Who inspires you the most in the “Amazigh Tattoo Scene”?
I follow a lot of artists online. I definitely love the work of Meliarty Tribe, Julien Samou, Ea Ink, Ritual Ink Studio Berlin, Manel Mahdouani and so many others.

What is your favourite Amazigh symbol ? And why ?

My favourite Amazigh tattoo symbol is the June Bettle, it has a beautiful and I love what it stands for: the movement and adaptability; when you travel a lot, it speaks to you (laughs).

Who is Florian in his private life?

I live from my passion, drawing ! So I spend a lot of time between my pens and my tattoo machine, and I love every minute of it. I also have a special love for music . It am constantly listening to music…music is life !

I also attend a lot of music events, such as rock reggae and Trance festivals ! I love to spend my time in trance music festival, so many beautiful people, so much love !  I’m travelling for 11 years now, it’s not a hobby anymore but a way of life,  nature and people are my passions. I also have a strong addiction to cats!

How to get in touch with Florian?

Florian travels a lot, but he regularly work in France, between Paris and Lyon. He is spending this winter in Morocco and is guesting in Casablanca, at Chrysalide Ink until November 25th and at Aswad Tattooing Club until December 7th 2019.

He is what we can call a “Nomad”, travelling from here to there, always in quest of new inspirations and discoveries around traditional tattooing.

You can follow his next destinations on Instagram